Midterm Press Release ICO Infused Waters

+++ Press Release++++ Midterm ICO Infused Waters ++++++++++


Summary 24.01.2019

  • No big Coin sales due to worse market situation/ not enough ICO audience
  • Launch of crowdfunding campaign will start parallel
  • Start roll out business plan “ Own homemade Infused Water”
  • Shortly we will start selling the first products in our Shop. Three “Ready To Infuse “mixtures to make your own “Infused Waters”
  • We will also sell special single herbs, spices and fruits to create your mixture
  • 15% of sold net value in our shop will be distributed in IWCX Coins to the buyers Ether Wallet
  • Focus on main market- Website translation into German, start acquisition Food Store Chains
  • ICO will be extended until end of April, adaption of the points into the Whitepaper
  • Focus to create additional value for our Coins. Later you can pay with the in our Shop or convert them at exchanges into other Crypt’s/ Fiat

Here you can watch the Video:


We have adapt the main points also in our ONEPAGER:

ICO “Infused Water Coin IWCX”


We have three different formulas created to launch a new kind of healthy and 100% natural Soft Drink Family. We will sell bottled Infused Waters and parallel we will start selling in our shop and in Super Market Chains “Ready to Infuse” Mixtures to make own Infused Waters at Home. Infused Waters as brand will disrupt the markets and provide a new awesome 100% natural taste! With the integration of the Blockchain technology in our business model everybody can participate! Be part of our community! Join our ICO!

Why you should invest now?

  • You will participate as Seed Investor!
  • You invest in a unique brand!
  • You invest in a worldwide growing market!
  • The Coin Community will get a bonus of 10 USD Cent for each sold bottle in Ether
  • For each sold Product in our shop we distribute 15% IWCX Coins from the net purchase volume straight to the buyer to generate additional worldwide distribution
  • You will be able to trade the Infused Water Coins and to pay in our Shop with them

What is the new brand “Infused Waters”?

  • Healthy
  • No carbs
  • Flavoured with 100% Nature
  • No sugar nor supplements
  • Unique taste

The main ICO facts!

  • Main Sale starts at the first of December 2018 until the 30. April 2019
  • Each IWCX Token will cost one USD!
  • 9 Million IWCX Coins will be offered
  • The estimated Token price 2021 will be 6 USD!
  • Coca-Cola sells yearly approx. 160 Billion Liter! If we would sell only 100 Million bottles we would have a pay-out of 10 Million USD each year
  • Parallel we sell own “Ready to Infuse” Mixtures to make own Infused Waters
  • Big Bounty Campaign available

Don´t hesitate to ask for further information. If you are interested to buy some coins (as easy as online shopping)


You find a lot of additional help and manuals on our Website:


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Welcome to our ICO! Here you find some information and news!

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