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Lessons from Our Mothers & Fathers is a collection of 20 short stories of sage generational advice from the author, Cleophus (Cleo) P. Franklin Jr., and other successful business leaders who share special moments of inspiration and wisdom passed on to them by their parents. The powerful stories captured in the book provide the reader with glimpses into the writers’ early lives to witness the extraordinary moments that helped shape their personal and professional journeys.

The book includes stories by such notables as

If you’ve been having trouble getting your text to line up properly with bullet points or numbers, here’s a quick and simple way to do hanging text.

Hanging text, also called a hanging indent or a negative indent, is a type of paragraph indentation that indents all text except the first line. You’ll see hanging text in bibliography and index listings, but here we’re going to focus on hanging text in a bulleted or numbered list.

For design programs like InDesign, the process is simple enough. In the screenshot below, you can see at the top left of the screen…

Nebraska state Senator Ernie Chambers has “retired” due to term limits for the second time, but his words will live on in a new book by American Communications Group. The three-volume, 8.5 × 11, 1,200-page book compiles all of Senator Chambers’ 2018 Unicameral legislative floor speeches, giving unique insight into the senator’s career and oratorical prowess.

The 2018 floor sessions, delivered during the 105th Nebraska Legislature’s second session, were chosen in particular because they reflect Chambers’ breadth of advocacy on various issues, his acute mastery of the legislative process, his rhetorical style, and his sense of humor.

Students of the…

Courtney Lillard has written a dark fantasy book for young adults, The Shadow’s Grasp, that launches The Dark Angel series. Coura, the talented but conflicted young mage at the center of the story, is graduating from the Magic Arts Academy with little idea of what her future will hold. She is at a crossroads, and the only one who really understands her, her mentor Byron, doesn’t know the deep secret hiding inside her — and neither does Coura until it’s too late and she must make a difficult decision. …

Marion Devoe spent 40 years working his way up from poverty and family turmoil in Savannah, Georgia, overcoming his own doubts and fears as well as persistent racism. His new book, published with Infusionmedia, is titled Never Give Up. It depicts his life story, especially his relentless work ethic and the impressive resilience that enabled him to go from a Vietnam War draftee with PTSD to the first Black chief operations officer at the White House.

Along the way, he got an MBA, ran a janitorial business, taught high school, got married to the love of his life, and had…

Historian and Lincoln, Nebraska native Robert Branting has worked with Infusionmedia to publish A Mighty Force for Peace: A History of the Former Lincoln Air Force Base. The book details the history of the Lincoln Air Force Base, active from 1954 to 1966, located in what is now Lincoln’s Air Park neighborhood and near the Lincoln Airport. The base, known as one of the most important Strategic Air Command bases in the US, was an economic powerhouse for the city of Lincoln and a critical component in SAC’s Cold War strategy, though fewer and fewer people remember that now.


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Do you need to calculate reading time for your blog posts or articles? We’ve been using a simple formula for a long time to calculate the read time for our posts and articles.* It’s based on the generally understood statistic that most adults read at about 200 words per minute.

(The average reading rate is actually 238, according to this study, but 200 is a nice compromise and is easier to remember.)

Here’s the formula:

3.5 min read

We live in the attention economy now more than ever.

Of course people are still using money to buy things — that’s the economy of money, where people watch what things cost and marketers focus on price, margin, and cost of goods sold. But the attention economy is more important than the money economy. As Seth Godin says, like real estate, they aren’t making any more of it, but unlike real estate, it keeps going up in value.

We live in a fragmented world. Think about what comes to you and asks for your attention every day: email…

Former ag executive Cleo Franklin publishes a new book that provides inspiration and insight to help business leaders and startups meet leadership challenges.

We’ve just finished a new book, Coffee with Cleo, by leadership development consultant Cleo Franklin. Cleo has written a collection of 10 leadership lessons and personal stories of inspiration, self-reflection, and insight from his 32-year career as an executive with global ag brands John Deere, Case-New Holland, and Mahindra.

Readers will find inspiration and courage in Cleo’s honest and self-reflective writing, especially those who are business leaders or on startup teams. …

We recently published a new book. Noted ornithologist Paul A. Johnsgard has written a comprehensive book on Audubon’s Rowe Sanctuary. The sanctuary sits strategically along the central Platte River near Gibbon, Nebraska, located at the nexus of the migration routes for up to 600,000 sandhill cranes each spring. Visitors to the sanctuary — as well as those who have not yet experienced it — now have a new way to understand Rowe Sanctuary and its biological, environmental, and conservation significance through Johnsgard’s book.

“This book will allow us to reach people well beyond Nebraska and our regular visitors to give…


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