Whisperings and ramblings,

the serene weather has it all.

Of migrating flamingos,

visiting over for a brunch.

Birds snuggle,

cozying inside their nests.

The perishing grass,

still hasn't given up on its hope of survival.

Hot vapours arising from that teapot,

condense away your troubles.

Nostalgia creeps deep within your head,

Showers of relief,

sing a cradle song for you to sleep.

Earthworms surface over,

welcoming this pleasant visitor.

Frogs hopping around,

bubbling with happiness.

As the first few drops crash upon,

earth soaks in its tenderly love.

Aroma of partly wet soil,

hangs loosely in the air.

Oh, the melody of this tranquility.

Come with me, we’ll saunter across the hills,

I know a place to rest!

Come lay with me, under these dark clouds.

Close your eyes,

relish yourself in this soothing ambiance.

We need no one now,

just the two of us.

Mild drizzles, they fall.

Listen carefully my friend.

As the sky croons,

to mark the onset of monsoon!

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