The Eagle King

The time is here,

to rejoice in the warmth of this golden dawn.

A distant hunter has set sail,

on a humpback whale.

A voyage,

to find the abode of that celestial sage!

The sky around the horizon,

has turned satin, milky white.

Glimmering stars glide,

like bubbles floating on the ripples,

over sea of a bleak fading light!

Are you aware, my friend?

Of the eagle that has lost its prey?

Wandering off like a nomad,

through this vivacious forest.

Searching for a home,

in a strange land, far away.

Follow him, he’ll guide you.

From ancient east to modern west,

He has seen it all,

The Eagle King, who has lost his kingdom,

to the warriors of rebellion and protest!

Villagers pray for their hero’s return.

A beautiful dream, that burns in their eyes.

Of a peaceful world, with no ruler to govern.

For one day, the Eagle King will surely reach his homeland,

To eat off his enemies, hiding underneath the sand.

They’re waiting, for this just and able decree.

They all are waiting my friend,

For the return of their saviour,

Th Eagle King, who’ll set them free…

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