Waking Up — Journal. Day 3

Nofap day #7
Nosmoke day #2

Extremely difficult to resist not smoking but I’ve made it through today. It didn’t get any easier, especially as i spent the morning in fasted state until lunch time, and then spent most of the afternoon in a tavern with a friend, where we worked for our project. He smoked pretty much all the time. So yes, it was very difficult. Just one smoke, you know? what bad would it do?

Otherwise, my body felt better. Didn’t notice any anxiety, even after a strong coffe. I didn’t sweat for once and felt pretty light, like a normal person. That is positive.

Libido is normal. Female attraction is normal as well. The handicaps of post-fap trauma is not present at this stage. However, the same can be said about the benefits of abstinence, which aren’t yet evident, as expected.

Focusing on tasks was improved, more due to NoFap, rather than to Nosmoke. There were many times when It was hard to keep concentration up, due to cravings. Nevertheless, there were no hesitations or conscious talk during direct female interactions. Self confidence is up and growing.