INIT Capital Raises $3.1M in Seed Investment Round To Revolutionize DeFi Money Market with Liquidity Hooks

Redefining DeFi liquidity infrastructure to create a more accessible and composable ecosystem for users and dApps.

INIT Capital
3 min readFeb 21, 2024

INIT Capital is delighted to announce the successful raising of $3.1 million in seed funding from a prestigious group of investors. Co-led by Electric Capital and Mirana Ventures and with participation from Arthur Hayes’s family office, Robot Ventures, Nomad Capital, Tangent, Bankless Ventures, Selini Capital and Faction, this significant milestone marks a promising step forward for INIT in revolutionizing the money market landscape.

Moreover, INIT has also received backing from respected figures in the Web 3.0 ecosystem, including TN Lee, Founder of Pendle Finance; Guy Young, Founder of Ethena; Julian Koh, Founder of Aevo; and many others.

This pivotal achievement underscores INIT’s commitment to transform the DeFi money market with Liquidity Hook, providing a seamless liquidity access and management with unparalleled composability. By becoming the backbone of DeFi’s liquidity infrastructure for dApps to build upon, INIT aims to foster a more accessible, efficient, and interconnected ecosystem for all, addressing the composability constraints that are hindering DeFi growth. The investment will notably enhance INIT’s technological capabilities, market strategy, user experience, and overall presence as the primary liquidity layer for DeFi.

Find more information on INIT’s key technologies such as Multi-Silo Position, Flash Borrow and LP Token as Collateral, see here.

On top of that, INIT is actively expanding its partnerships with several DEXes and DeFi protocols to create an interoperable one-stop destination for builders and users. As the nexus where dApps and users meet, INIT now provides permissionless access to a unified liquidity pool, lending and borrowing activities, and will soon introduce efficient yield and trading strategies or ‘Hooks’ to the platform. Notably, the Looping Hook will be the first available, scheduled to launch on 28th February. Stay tuned for updates.

“The rapid development of DeFi protocols has highlighted the urgent need for a new solution to address the lack of composability in money market architecture, which hinders access to deep liquidity. Our recent fundraising success is a testament to investors’ confidence in INIT’s innovative Liquidity Hook money market as the key to solving this DeFi infrastructure challenge and driving sustainable growth” said Tascha Punyaneramitdee, Founder and Core Contributor at INIT Capital.

According to Arthur Hayes, Chief Investment Officer at, “We’re proud to support INIT Capital in addressing the fundamental issues of DeFi right at the base layer and being part of the movement that will further drive DeFi adoption. With their extensive experience in the field, INIT will lead the way in solving longstanding challenges in liquidity sourcing for dApps and streamlining the fragmented ecosystem of financial solutions for DeFi users.”

“Tascha’s deep experience with DeFi since 2020 makes her a perfect founder to tackle the liquidity disaggregation problem found across DeFi today. INIT Capital’s goal of creating bundled positions with isolated risk parameters is a big step forward for DeFi as it moves into a multi-chain world”, commented Robert Leshner, Partner at Robot Ventures and Founder of Compound Finance and Superstate.

Ken Deeter, General Partner at Electric Capital added, “We’re excited about the potential of INIT Capital to service the liquidity needs of a new generation of DeFi protocols. Tascha and team are leading the wave of new protocols that are designed to address the unique needs of the burgeoning ecosystem.

About INIT Capital

INIT Capital is built as the liquidity hook money market that streamlines the process for both end users and dApps. INIT aims to function as the liquidity layer, facilitating DeFi activities (lending, borrowing, and yield strategies) for users and fostering use cases for dApps to build on top of. With INIT as the base liquidity layer, users can seamlessly access and manage yield strategies from dApps through INIT.

INIT is essentially where dApps and users meet, with access to unified liquidity and without the need to look elsewhere.

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