Phase 1: Money Market Now LIVE — Start Accumulating Your Points In The #LiquidityHookEra

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INIT is delighted to announce that The Liquidity Hook Era Phase 1: Money Market is now live! This means you can start earning points immediately by visiting the INIT Point System page. INIT Points are designed to provide a means of recognition and offer rewards for your continuous contributions to the INIT ecosystem.

You can earn points by participating in DeFi activities on INIT, making referrals to your friends and/or by holding the INIT Golden Ticket. The calculations are simple, clear, and designed to benefit all parties from active DeFi users to welcoming newcomers!

Read on to find out more about the details of how to earn points.

Earn INIT Points Through DeFi Activities On INIT

For active DeFi users, your engagement in DeFi activities on INIT will earn you INIT points. In this phase, there are 2 actions that you can take on INIT:

  1. Lend in INIT’s lending pools: Earn 1 INIT point for every $100 value lent per day.
  2. Borrow from INIT’s lending pools: Earn 7 INIT points for every $100 value borrowed per day.

For example, User A lends $1,000 in USDT and borrows $200 in ETH. They will accumulate 10 points from lending and 14 points from borrowing, resulting in a combined total of 24 INIT points per day.

If User A holds the lending and borrowing positions for 10 days, they will earn a total of 240 INIT points over the course of 10 days.

Earn 10% More Through Referrals

Make referrals to your friends to participate in the INIT Point System to earn 10% of the points earned by every member you refer. As long as your referee continues to earn points (e.g., by holding positions or opening new lending positions), you, the referrer, will continuously receive 10% of their points. Additionally, if your referee refers to another member, you will receive 10% of the 10% your referee earned (equivalent to 1%).

To make a referral, simply post your invitation code with the hashtag #LiquidityHookEra on Twitter.

For example:

  • User A refers INIT to User B.
  • User B lends $6,500 in USDT and borrows $500 in ETH. They will accumulate 65 points from lending and 35 points from borrowing, resulting in a combined total of 100 points per day.
  • User A will get 10 INIT points for referring User B.
  • User B then refers INIT to User C.
  • User C lends $10,000 USDT and receives 100 INIT points.
  • As a result, User B will get 10 INIT points, and User A will get 1 INIT point.

Earn INIT Points By Holding The INIT Golden Ticket

For our early adopters holding on to the INIT Golden Ticket, you will be rewarded for your early entry to the ecosystem. Holding 1 INIT Golden Ticket will accrue 20 points per day, equivalent to lending a sum of $2,000 per day.

This means, the longer you hold on to the INIT Golden Ticket, the more points you will accumulate.

Note: INIT Points are calculated daily

Why Earn INIT Points?

INIT Points are not just numbers. They represent your stake and active contributions to the INIT Community. They serve to recognize and reward users who contribute significantly to the overall success of INIT.

Start earning points today!

About INIT Capital

INIT Capital is built as the liquidity hook money market that streamlines the process for both end users and dApps. INIT aims to function as the liquidity layer, facilitating DeFi activities (lending, borrowing, and yield strategies) for users and fostering use cases for dApps to build on top of. With INIT as the base liquidity layer, users can seamlessly access and manage yield strategies from dApps through INIT.

INIT is essentially where dApps and users meet, with access to unified liquidity and without the need to look elsewhere.

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