Know and feel the long run

To me, founding a business is not only about the ‘What’. It is more important about the ‘Why’. This ‘Why’ can of course be for the small goals that you want to achieve in a month, in a year or five years. After listening to an entire bunch of podcasts on leadership and personal development I though figured out, that knowing your ‘Why’ for this short amount of time is simply not enough. As an entrepreneur, you are there to found your business make it grow and then it she’s the incredible thing that you could’ve never imagine before. But what comes next? Am I a serial entrepreneur? What do I do want to do with the knowledge and what I learned while founding my business or multiple businesses? To be honest, if you don’t know the bigger picture, you will not be able to answer with 100% confidence.

Ask what is hard to imagine

The question I asked myself in the last couple of weeks was how I can find my bigger picture. After a couple of attempts to define my business goals I clearly lacked in defining what I personally want to be like. Where do I see myself in my future and how do I want it to feel? My solution of last week: taking a pen and a small notebook, visiting a bar close by with an amazing view over the city of Guadalajara, ordering an espresso with Liquor 43 and sitting down to imagine feel and take notes on my future.

Where do I see myself in 50 years?

When I am 77 years old I will live in a small house on the countryside with a beautiful garden, fruit trees and a place where I grow vegetables. Located in the hillside and surrounded by trees, it’s large windows open up a panoramic view on the ocean and nature of the hills close by. The air from the ocean gives me energy.
Inside the house there is a chimney and a large library for which you need a letter to reach the highest bookshelf. I love spending time in this room, sitting down, listening to the sound of the birds from outside and continuously learning by reading inspirational books. I love inviting friends and loved ones for dinner to our beautiful wooden terrace. Sharing amazing stories while we are preparing the food and snacking with my nieces leftover homemade cookies from christmas. I live here with the man I deeply love from the bottom of my heart, three dogs, a cat and a parrot. From time to time I walk down the hill to visit my neighbors close by, having a coffee or a relaxed game of chess.
By now I have founded 5 successful businesses, written 3 books and founded a non-profit organization that helps young women to fight for their dreams. Because I am proud on what I learned, the people I met and the opportunities I went for, I am right in the middle of writing a book on my life and translating it to the four languages I master.

There I had it. Imagining my long run and feeling the emotions that it brings to my heart. Why do I consider it possible, that knowing this can make me a better leader and a better entrepreneur? Down to the basics, I believe that all the success and beauty you can reach in life is nothing worth if you’re not able to share it. Knowing where you are and who you are in 50 years helps me to define the ‘Why’ on my smaller goals of today. And to be honest, sharing it with those around you is immensely powerful.

Breaking down the long run

Imagining yourself 50 years ahead allows one to trickle down to today. Sitting in the bar with my drink I went even further and not just defined my ‘Me’ in 50 years, but as well in 30, in 10 and in 5 years. Bringing the big ‘Why’ closer to my status quo and my current actions. Asking myself the question: is what I do today getting me to where I want to be in five years?

To some it may sound hard to imagine the long run or even defining it. Actually, many people told me that when they are 77 the only thing they would want is to be healthy and happy. To be honest, also I buy into this vision. My aim with defining more than this is to feel and incorporate the bigger ‘Why’ not just in my dreams but as well in my heart. Having this big picture makes me fight harder today. Ever thought about defining your long run and your big picture of ‘Why’?

Feel free to give it a shot and let me know how it feels like to you. As in my favorite mantra:
Those who never try, will never know, will never win.