Around the World in Five Photos

It’s like around the world in 80 days, but with extraordinary photos instead of Jackie Chan.

Darren Brogan is a photographer with a passion for travel. Darren travels around the world capturing some truly magnificent images, below he shares five images with us from five different countries he’s had the opportunity to explore.


After a spending a full day exploring the surface of the worlds largest salt flat in Bolivia, we made our way to a magical spot to watch the sun set with some follow explorers. As the sun dropped below the horizon, we were treated to a fantastic display of reflections and silhouettes thanks to the fading light and thin layer of surface water. Here’s a shot of our trusty Land Cruiser with our driver on top and some fellow travellers. Unforgettable.


I remember approaching one of the epic gates from a distance….it made the hairs on your arm stand up. The scale and intricacy of the carvings was stunning. It took me back to the first time I watch Jurassic Park…. To get a sense of scale, spot the man through the gate.

Chile / Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

The flight to the legendary Easter Island took five and half hours from Santiago in mainland Chile. All you could see out of the plane window en route was ocean for as far as the eye can see. Its crazy to think how remote Rapa Nui is but the trip was 100% worth it. To be able to walk among the famous Moai monolithic statues was incredible. Take me back!

Hong Kong

Wandering among the giant apartment blocks and skyscrapers in Hong Kong made me appreciate just how densely populated it is. And whilst it may be dense and very busy, the patterns of a thousand windows and balconies over looking you was pleasing on the eye. I could have been there for hours taking photographs…

New Zealand (South Island)

We spent five weeks driving the roads of New Zealand in our campervan, it really is the only way to see the country. One of the most memorable roads was the one leading up to the majestic Mount Cook national park. It reminded me a little of home (Scotland) but the scale was something I wasn’t prepared for. Amazing!

A huge thank you to Darren for sharing his thoughts and photography with us. You can keep up to date with Darren’s brilliant photography through his Instagram page — @Poetic_mouse

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