New Writing Contest Gets Authors Published with Only 100 Reads

Has publishing a book really become this easy? We think so. All you have to do is find 100 readers who love your novel.

Long time writers and newbies will get their chance to have their works assessed for publication this month in Inkitt’s StoryPeak Novel Contest. We recently launched the contest and limited novels to 100 available copies.

If you try and imagine it like a library where there are 100 copies of each novel to read, you will begin to understand how much we at Inkitt rely on reader engagement to determine the next bestseller. Yes, we use an algorithm that takes into consideration over 1,200 behavioural patterns which reflect how the readers feel about the novel they are reading. But how can a cold, lifeless algorithm analyze human behaviour, and feelings? It can, and we have been shown over and over again that it can. With 4 un-put-downable novels in the pipeline to get published by Inkitt and one sold to Macmillan Publishers — the proof is certainly in the pudding.

For the first time ever, a simplified version of the algorithm is available to StoryPeak contestants via a dashboard where writers can track how their novel is doing.

So when 100 copies have been reserved by readers and the performance scale on the right goes to the ‘hot’ side — we are alerted to bestselling potential and the hottest 3 novels get a publishing deal!

Sound too good to be true? The only challenge is finding readers who love the story.

If you have a novel ready, why not send it over? It’s free entry and it could change your life. If you just want to enjoy great free books before they go mainstream, join the Inkitt Community now: