What if you lose 2 years of your memory and find out that you’ve been the bitch of your school?

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“I Was a Bitch” is the needle in the literary haystack. Written by twenty-year-old Emily Ruben and having won Inkitt’s Grand Novel Contest earlier this summer, it was picked for publication amongst more than 70,000 books. Inkitt’s algorithm that analyses reader engagement based on 1,200 behavioural patterns clearly flagged it as the most un-put-downable novel we ever had.

So what was it about “I Was a Bitch” that left readers glued to their screens? It’s the story of 18-year-old Lacey Jones who wakes up from a two month coma with no memory of the last two years of high school. Not only had she become the Queen Bee of her school, the envy of every girl, paired with the hottest guy and on the list to every A-list party, she also… never used to be this way. To recap, 16-year-old Lacey was as humble as she was wholesome… So when Lacey wakes up from her two month coma — she is 16 again, at least in her head.

Ruben, a university student in Paris and a long-time writer posted the story on Inkitt where she gathered a large following. She never expected the story to get as popular as it did and can’t wait for it to be published.

Author Lauren L. Garcia shared a similar experience to Ruben. Lauren’s novel, “Catalyst Moon: Incursion,” was picked for publication by Inkitt after winning the Dreamlands contest. The novel was an instant success, and catapulted her into media stardom — she went from 0–1000 twitter followers in under a week! Though initially intimidated by Twitter and deeming herself as an author with no social media skills, she couldn’t be more excited about her recent success.

“Catalyst Moon” has since been removed from Inkitt and is now available for purchase on Amazon. The same will happen to “I Was a Bitch” in less than three weeks. You can still read ‘I was a Bitch’ but only for a short time!

Free now — On sale soon