I recently took a trip to California to visit my son and meet his wife Michelle and my grandchildren Ariel, “my angel” (17 months) and Joshua, “my lil’ man” (5 days old when I arrived for my visit) It was my first time meeting my extended family. I was very excited to finally meet all of them. I was able to get to know Michelle and start to form a bond with my grandchildren. So many wonderful memories I hope to carry with me forever.

There was one experience that stands out over everything else that happened. I had the pleasure of witnessing something very beautiful. I consider myself very blessed to have been there for it. Every evening, my son gives his daughter Ariel her bath. While this may seem like a routine task everyone does, I considered it to be anything but routine. Sean puts on music; specifically Gregory Porter — Be Good . If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing the song or the artist, I recommend both. As I watched, I could see the depth of love Sean has for Ariel. He was patient; tender and gentle. He sang to her quietly along with the song and it was obvious to me that even though bathing wasn’t Ariel’s favorite thing to do, her daddy calmed her throughout the bathing experience. I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t realize I was blubbering like a total fool. I just couldn’t help it. There was my son with his daughter — my first grandchild, sharing their “end of the day” experience. I was totally overcome with emotion. Me — Lisa — who never thought I would be SO HAPPY to have grandchildren. Me — Lisa — who never thought I would have such a reaction to a “simple” bath. The moment remains with me (I actually recorded it, lol) and I’ve been watching nightly since my return home. It was and is a truly beautiful thing to observe.


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