Innovate Finance Responds To EU Referendum Results

Innovate Finance
Jun 24, 2016 · 1 min read

We respect the vote of the people of Britain to leave the European Union. Although this creates uncertainty about the future we believe that the economic, political and social foundations of our country are strong and we will continue to be a driving force for FinTech. London remains the world’s largest financial services hub and home to all the major global banks, insurers and financial markets.

Since 2008, the FinTech sector has emerged as a powerful, borderless, global movement and the UK has been at the heart of its growth and influence. We will work closely with our members, the UK government, the City of London, EU policy makers, and our strategic partners to ensure that we sustain our position as a dominant force in global FinTech.

City of London, Innovate Finance Founding Partner press statement

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Georgia Hanias

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