Tech experts unite on “Bad Luck Needn’t Suck” insurance consumer insight campaign

Pocket-lint, the UK’s leading independent consumer tech site and personal insurance store Worry+Peace collaborate on a breakthrough gadget consumer insight project

Worry+Peace, UK fintech’s pre-eminent personal insurance store, and Pocket-lint, the UK’s leading independent gadget site, announce a breakthrough new insight project called “Bad Luck Needn’t Suck”, that will see them working together to create a consumer-friendly content hub forGadget Insurance and lots more.

Billed as ‘way more than just an ad-deal’, the project will see Worry+Peace as the tech lifestyle site’s first ever Gadget Insurance Partner, working on a range of content opportunities across multiple channels.

The “Bad Luck Needn’t Suck” campaign/deal has been signed on an initial 4-month basis. The pilot deal promises to challenge some of the traditional commentators in the area and offer Worry+Peace a chance to speak to consumers in the very place they’re exploring what technology to buy.

“Improving the way people buy insurance means getting close to real life. Finding the folks that truly live and breathe consumer tech such as the great team over at Pocket-lint, and working with them to improve our insight. We want insurance consumers to know and understand our strapline: You’re the influence,” said Worry+Peace founder James York.

As well as brand signposts and display, central to the project is a content focus, with a new Gadget Insurance hub, hosted by Pocket-lint and shared on Worry+Peace. It is here where customers will be able to ask questions, challenge Worry+Peace and work with the brand to help enhance and improve its store in the future.

Worry+Peace began inviting customers to browse its virtual shelves in May — launching a range of Gadget Insuranceunderwritten by a specialist insurance partnership between UK General and Ageas (a large A-rated, EU-wide insurer). This move to work in marketing channels that offer closer engagement with consumers is typical of the challenger-brand mentality Worry+Peace is championing.

“We felt there was a great brand fit between what Worry+Peace are clearly doing and our reader-focused ethos. We’re glad we found an insurance store that’s both modern and customer obsessed,” said Ricky Harewood, Pocket-lint’s commercial director.

Worry+Peace has also recently released its own-brandedTravel Insurance and Cycle Insurance products and the company is rumoured to be working on comparison-site killer plans later this year.

“We are strong believers that ‘Bad Luck needn’t always suck’, hence the name of the campaign! Everything we do is designed to reflect that. With the help of Pocket-lint’s readers, we’ll keep refining that message through our service,” added York.

Worry+Peace’s “Bad Luck Needn’t Suck” consumer insight campaign on Pocket-lint launches late September 2015

For further information or press assets on Worry+Peace and/or interview opportunities with Worry+Peace founder and UK #FinTech guru, James York, please contact Adam Hartley on 07882 982890 /

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