BRIEF : Advertising ki choti si duniya

“Since the name is brief, I will keep it super brief”

No matter how weird it looks, advertising offers a sublime pleasure altogether. From cracking campaigns & heads to crafting headlines & relationships, from dumping ideas & ego to meeting clients & deadlines, agency peeps manage to get a dose of all.

The preconceived notion of advertising being a glamour-driven profession just shatters into bits when your idea gets the honorary ‘fuck all’ tag, when rework is the new work and when options are the only option left. However bad the situation, one needs to be in control — C & V; that too with minor changes and some copy shuffling. When there is no control, there is only CV- send it across. Does that describe a copywriter? I don’t know.

But I know that a smoke-break is the time to chill, discuss ideas or plan your weekend party, absolutely not the time to debate if your agency is servicing-led, creative-led or getting-laid. Finish your smoke and dive into your cubicle.

Visualizers are really great people to work with — they hold a strong belief in ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’, maybe that’s why they never compromise on anything, be it Behance or Beyonce. Always updated!

After a brief is cracked, we wait for approvals from the client just like a mother waiting for her son coming back from school. The approval or homecoming is warmly accepted with sweet words and self-appreciation, but doesn’t last long because of the laundry list of adaptations. The son too gets a grocery list. Go now!

Now I really love the creative brigade — CD, ACD, ECD, NCD — with surround sound output, noise cancellation rooms, quick response and 10 years of extended experience. All you need is a bad copy and some popcorn. Copywriter ready! Chairs Rolling! — Lights, idea, Rejection. 
 P.S. — Creative directors are way more experienced than you. So stop arguing and come up with fresh and authentic ideas. Always listen to what they have to say.

Servicing people are mysterious. I wonder what they write in their thick diaries which always have a pen-cap clipped by the edge. The first work they assign to a copy trainee is to extract copy from an image, wow! (slow claps). And what on earth is JSR? The abbreviation of my hometown Jamshedpur is JSR, what else could it be? There are two sides to a servicing person, if the client is angry on them, they take the client’s side and if the agency is angry on them, they shift to the client side.

No sooner does someone get adapted to the fast-paced setup, they realise that somewhere between post-probation and first increment, there is a secret folder in the office laptop which has 1 Word document and 1 Powerpoint presentation. One needs to learn the shortcuts really fast and toggle swiftly between ‘Contact us’ and ‘Afaqs’ tab to avoid the embarrassing “Kaha apply kar raha hai?” by that pesky colleague who is always around.
 By the way, when are we sitting on the brief? It’s a brief and not a commode, to sit and shit on. If we do any of the two, we might flush down the ‘TG’, ‘Insight’ and ‘point to leverage on’, therefore having no clue of who we are talking to or why we are doing this. But, who cares?