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Let’s appreciate the Currency of Medium

“Meaningful Interaction is the Currency of Medium”

I hope so, Graham Anderson, that’s one of the things I 💖 about Medium.

Love your suggestions, and I’d like to add:

Read the articles of others,

Comment on them in a meaningful way,

Recommend them – if it’s genuine

Do all of the above, regardless whether they have commented or 💖 your post or not.

Someone’s got to start the interaction — and this currency is freely available to all of us. We can generate it ourselves.

But your advice at the end:

“If you don’t like anything, click any random article (of theirs)…and 💖 it.”


You say:“A single non-commital click means almost nothing.”

Not true. A single non-commital click means a lot. It means the devaluation of the Currency of Medium that’s so rare and precious to us.

Let’s appreciate the Currency of Medium and keep our interactions meaningful!