Yes! I’m Finally Depressed!

What if you were born into a world that told you this:

“There will be a time when depression comes for you.

It doesn’t always come for everyone, but if it comes for you, we want you to be aware of it.

When it does come, if it does come, then tell us.

We will arrange a party.

We hope, dearly, that one day the depression will come.

The heaviness, the lethargy, the sadness, the sense of being tired of life.

If that comes for you, my dear, then you will have made it.

That depression is the pinnacle of the human existence.

If it comes for you, you are the blessed chosen one, and together we can celebrate as a family, that you are finally depressed.

You’ve made it.


If you believed them, then treating depression, or any other kind of emotional state in this way, has the power to turn it upside-down.

Under the depression is the sense that I should not feel this way, that I should be feeling differently, that I am doing something wrong, that something is wrong, that it should not be like this.

If you were convinced that the depression coming was an exciting thing, then you would open to it and call it in so much, that it would not like to go near you again.

Our culture looks at the “negative” mind/emotional states as problems that need to be fixed. They are always labelled as “wrong”. This sense of wrongness, mixed with the resistance to the discomfort, is what makes these states seem like inescapable quagmires. If by some strange chance, you actually believed that experiencing anxiety, or depression, or anything similar, was actually a blessing, a gift from God, or a freak piece of great luck, then it would be completely different.

Imagine if we honoured and applauded everyone who felt depressed. How would you feel if you believed that the depression was what you were SUPPOSED to experience? What if you believed that you were lucky, that even tasting it meant that you were on the right track, going the correct route in life?

Is it possible to play with it like this? Treat it like a play. Be in a world where it is a great thing to feel low, irritated, or not at peace. What happens? Does it not destroy the suffering? Is there not some happiness, even around the sensations that before were so all-encompassing and troubling?

I’d love to know your thoughts, your response, how well this works for you, if it works at all, if you can be crazy enough to believe the opposite of what the culture tells you, and live in a parallel universe where depression or anxiety are like signs of an oncoming godhood.

Let me know, have a great week. Or don’t…


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