Trump Holds a Mirror to Male Sexual Fantasy and Behavior. Let’s Not Just Dump Trump! Let’s Get Honest and Heal Ourselves and Our World.

This image is based on a photo by Gage Skidmore, via Flickr, used under CC BY-SA 3.0 US. ��TO�

As the Republican Party is increasingly disowning the Donald, you have to wonder why they didn’t do that before. Obviously it’s all about winning. Earlier they thought they would win with Donald. Now they think he’ll make them lose. We Inner Revolutionary Men don’t want to win. We want to help heal ourselves and our world. And so we are admitting to the Trump within — admitting that we too have at times engaged in sexual fantasy or behavior that degrades, demeans and assaults women. And if we haven’t actually engaged in such banter and behavior, we have seen it and just kept silent.

But why? Because we ourselves have been raised with a paradigm of male sexuality that is disconnected and full of ego and power. Many of us had our first encounter with sexuality through porn magazines or videos, or we learned about sexuality from other kids who were as ignorant and disconnected as we. In fact, for many of us, our earliest associations with male sexuality is “dirty” magazines, fantasies, exploitation movies, and lewd jokes and winks among the guys.

Inner Revolutionary Men own the fact that we have been exposed to this conditioning, and we own that we have been impacted by it. We own that we have often felt confused about how to approach women — to try to get women to play along with these fantasies or to treat women like they are different and above us. We own that we feel guilt and shame and are sometimes the first to point fingers at others.

We are done with the whole charade. We have been like Trump or still are, but we are more than Trump — and hopefully so is he. Men are real people who are sexual as part of our nature and part of our sacred being. And we want to discover and affirm our real sexuality. We will not let this moment pass without acknowledging that Trump’s problem is all of our problem, and we invite other men to join us in liberating us men from the ugly conditioning that limits us, so that we can co-create real and satisfying relationships with all beings. Get in touch with us, if you wish to, by writing to us at And comment, like and pass this on to other men who are ready to blow the lid off this extremely ugly chapter in our lives.