A working class manifesto
Esko Kilpi

Esko, this is well-written — but no manifesto??? I suggest you look at the UK Labor Party manifesto, overseen by Jeremy Corbyn, for a good start. For the US, the following perspectives can also sharpen your rhetoric.

What’s missing here so far to my eye is more awareness of George Lakoff’s view of values and two more points of clarity:

  1. We are in a “civil war” between those aligned with self-interest (selfishness) and those aligned with “service to self and service to others.” The Law of One has this idea in it. We see this around is in the split between Cultural Creative Progressives and Regressives (anyone who wants to turn the clock back to 1958, like Trump).

Your rhetoric of how to “link arms” benefits from incorporating this distinction and clarifying which values you wish to promote as “truly human.”

2. How women are pulling ahead of men generally in terms of their intuition about holism and what is timely on Earth now. For example, many women and most holistic healing practitioners, already intuit and expect the convergence of ALL of the following:

  • Psychology
  • Medicine-healthcare
  • Enlightenement “hard science”
  • Ecumenical spirituality.

The women I meet and volunteer with all seem to expect, anticipate and look forward to all these converging. The men, the patriarchy — not so much.

Billions of dollars are stake in re-configuring our knowledgebase to converge all of the above into Holistic Psychology 2.0 or Goethean Holistic Science (a blog on this exists). Think medical schools, Chinese Medical Schools, psychology departments and hospitals.

What a new rhetoric of “link arms” can do is lay down language and values on which convergence of all of these can be built first by cultural innovators, later by all of us.

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