Credit: Much Birch Primary school, Hereford UK

Birth and death are two faces of the same coin. It’s enviable that one will follow the other, yet we are so unprepared for the latter.

I was in Mumbai earlier this week and was talking to a Supreme Court lawyer. We spoke about various things, but then, in our conversation he said:

‘People are living because they can’t die.’

His observation got me thinking.

I wasn’t sure if I agreed with the comment as if that were the case, there would be more people wanting to end their lives prematurely. Life no doubt, has its struggles, and every individual faces different challenges, but there is hope that tomorrow will be better.

Hope in it’s self, is enough to keep us going, hope is what each one of us have. We have hope that we will breathe another breath, we have hope that we will continue to sense the world and experience another day.

Without hope, life is just the step before death.

But life is not ‘just’ a step.

Give hope, live life.

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