If I won the Lottery..….

If you won the lottery what would you do?

If I had seemingly unlimited resources what would I do?

We ALL have a list be it a world tour, pay off the mortgage, live on an idyllic island, get a flash car…. We all would have the “urge to splurge” for objects and aims that have, so far been out of our reach. Some may resist and would invest in a business, diversify the spend to hope for a greater return in the long term.

One would argue we need to be taught how to spend smartly. We get messages to spend and what to spend on all the time. Do we give ourselves time to think about what we really want and need? Or do we live up to the Amazon App slogan, “Thought it, Bought it”

However, this is just a hypothetical, unless we knew we were actually going to win the lottery we cannot really plan our supposed vast spend smartly!?!

Like many great people of the past, if we see TIME as a precious resource we all DO have the winning ticket.

I am in my thirties so according to life expectancy I will live up to my eighties (hopefully!) and that is a huge lump sum to have been given from day one.

Do we list and strategise this windfall or just fill the time with what others say we should be running for?

You may argue “I do plenty of running but I don’t have enough time”

We all have twenty four hours per day but we may feel either we need more days to fulfil our goals or worse still we are completing our goals but they are just not that fulfilling?

Often our aims and deadlines (e.g. by the age of 30 I want a house) are self imposed or by society rather than essentiality. This sometimes unrealistic or impatient expectation for our wants maybe leading to this feeling of limited time?

We either spend time fast for a quick hit of happiness or spend smart for the long game but is our time well spent or just “bloat ware” to fill up the years.

If Time is spent to make us happy then the hours are never enough, more I get the more I want. The richest are the busiest and many end up unhappy so it seems like a paradox.

Maybe we are spending the lottery winnings in the “wrong” way? Rather than Happiness (which can be subjective and lose novelty) as the objective maybe the focus should be Progress or Development?

Yes, our early years we invest in education in the hope of better opportunities and self growth but that quickly changes to “whatever is needed to pass” and to “just get a job that pays more for less effort”.

We come out of education a generation waiting for the answers rather than searching for the questions.

We are constantly wanting a short cut and “have it on a plate” rather than wanting to graft, challenge and carve our own route to life, progress and happiness.

I maybe wrong and you are just as driven as you were as a six year old trying to learn how to whistle or ride a bike but many are not.

Even though it sounds saccharine, if we viewed our lives like a winning ticket we would spend our time more wisely and focus on progressing whatever our age.