I am 32 and I do not have my shit together.
Jessica Semaan

37: shit still not together. I thought for sure it would be by now. BUT…we are all on different timelines. I have to understand that my progress may not be what someone else’s is. And this, too: that while it may appear from the outside like all of those people have their “shit together,” if you really talk to them, and drill in and ask them questions, they will say that they, too, do not feel that they have their shit together, either. And I am aware that I often appear very put together to others, even when I don’t feel that way inside. So…I believe it is not so simple. Thank for being brave to admit this to yourself, and publicly. It IS ok. “Perfection” is not the way the world really is. It is an illusion that can fall apart any time. You, my dear, are REAL. xo