Does Marriage Even Make Sense Anymore?
Kris Gage

IDK, Kris, I think your article makes a great case for why marriage is a *good* idea. Lol. You are right: it’s not necessary, per se. And now that people who have sex/children outside of wedlock (interesting word) are not considered deviant or “evil” anymore, it really isn’t necessary, if those are things that you want. I am biased in that I’ve always wanted to get married. But I’m still single, because I don’t want to “just” get married. I want the good stuff that comes with it. Scientific research has shown that happy couples live longer and healthier lives than both single people and unhappy couples. But people in unhappy couples have more stress-related disease than singles. Not all marriages are equal. So I’m not going to sign myself up if it will cost me my inner peace — but I will, if it’s going to enhance it. <3