Kelvin Atlas, real-time financial Open Data

Banco Sabadell, jointly with InnoCells, its hub of new digital businesses, has launched Kelvin Atlas, the most complete Open Data public portal of the Spanish financial sector. Its interactive map interface, continuously updated, allows any user to know in detail economic, commercial and touristic dynamics.

This tool allows to consult and share information in an ethical and responsible way, as all the data is anonymized and protects customer’s privacy.

The organization had already explored the data environment with Kelvin Retail, an online platform which provides both retail and self-employed individuals with relevant information about their business, customers and sector, due to the analysis of data from POSs.

Kelvin Atlas has been developed by InnoCells, which shows the benefits of connecting the agility of the startup world and the expertise of Banco Sabadell. Therefore, both the entity and its new subsidiary reinforce their commitment to open and collaborative innovation.

Simple and intuitive interface

The interactive map design of Kelvin Atlas makes it easy for companies, researchers, public institutions and the general public to easily glance at a vast number of anonymized data in a single interface. The portal also allows the filtering of information by geographical area (state, autonomous community, province, municipality and district), activity (sector, sales per day and time), area and type of consumer (nationality, gender and age).

The tool offers a detailed picture of the commercial activity in different territories to answer key questions such as: Which economic sectors are most active in an autonomous community? Which areas of the city have the most commercial activity? What type of consumers buy in a specific district or municipality?

Added-value tool

This new Open Data portal also offers a wide range of data and functionalities to the public and private sector to achieve improvements in both the social and economic domains. For example, entrepreneurs who want to start a new business can use Kelvin Atlas to find the ideal location.

Moreover, this new service could help public administrations increase their knowledge of the impact that different economic activities have on their territory or a key sector.

Kelvin Atlas will be of great interest to the public sector, since it opens the doors to analyze and apply a huge number of actions in different territories. Its usefulness will also reach the private sector thanks to its added-value information and constant updating, that allows to identify current consumption trends.

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