Danish Startup Ecosystem Map

The Danish startup ecosystem consists of +500 public and private activities and organisations. The large number often makes is difficult for entrepreneurs and startups to identify the most relevant initiatives.

Therefore, Inno-Overblik has created this startup ecosystem map.

(The map can be difficult to read. Check out http://inno-overblik.dk/lister)

Inno-Overblik is a single-point-of-entry platform that aims to create a better overview of the Danish startup ecosystem. In this way, entrepreneurs and startups can easily navigate through the ecosystem jungle.

In short, Inno-Overblik is like the Yellow Pages for startups.

The ecosystem map is not 100 % comprehensive. A full overview is presented @ http://inno-overblik.dk/lister where all danish startup-related activities and support organisations are divided into +35 categories.

For instance; events, idea- and innovation competitions, student entrepreneurship centres, mentor programs, startup communities, crowdfunding platforms, accelerators, regional startup centres, co-working spaces, innovation networks, startup grants, public funding programs, business angels, seed- and venture capital, private equity investors, etc.

Inno-Overblik was established in 2015 by Niels Holst and has since then become the online entry point to the entire Danish startup ecosystem. Our overall goal is to continue strengthening, connecting and growing the thriving Danish startup ecosystem.

Visit our website for more information on how your organisation can become a Partner of Inno-Overblik and contribute to creating a better startup ecosystem in Denmark.

If we are missing an activity or organisation please send us an email: info@inno-overblik.dk

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