Xiaomi New App-MiJiaYouPin is raiding all airports in China

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MiJiaYouPin (hereinafter referred to as MJYP) is the new App launched by XIAOMI. Innoclan & Mijia are selling Xiaomi ecosystem products.

Since 21st July, it has bombarded billboards at each and every airport in China, 16 hours a day, dominating theattention of travelers. It’s told by a reliable source that it marks the onset of a yearlong domestic marketing.

It’s surprising to many of us as to how MJYP, the Xiaomi ecosystem platform, would spend its money on promotion like this. As a global platform sourcing international brands to join Xiaomi platform, Innoclan knows Xiaomi is planning something big.

In fact, Xiaomi has been building a sustainable ecosystem that incubates small and medium companies to fulfill its ideology of New National Merchandise. During Q2, Xiaomi ecosystem took it to another level by launching Xiaomi crowdfunding and Mijia. All of Mi-innovations,You can visit the website for more details athttp://www.innoclan.com/en/miself.html

MJYP App is an online platform for quality products within Xiaomi ecosystem, involving smart home, home appliances, smart hardware, audio & video, apparels, travelling, cultural products and kitchenware.

There is a Chinese proverb: a mellow wine will not be frightened by a long alley. It means if you have a good product, you don’t have to worry about the marketing. So if your products were to launch on MJYP, the Xiaomi ecosystem platform, you just take your business to another level as you’ve reaped 280 million Xiaomi users.

Maison Maxx,as a new kitchenware brand of Innoclan’s, launched on MJYP App on 21st July. The first product series is cutleries. You have three options: black, silverand gold. And we had been selling 1100pcs by 26th.

MJYP’s slogan is To be an Artifact in Life. Mijia only introduces quality products as its slogan tells us to promotea quality life. Download MJYP App for shopping and you don’t have to set a foot outside your door to buy cost effective products.

Another good news to mention, just a few days ago, Xiaomi signed a loan up to 1 billion US dollars to expedite its overseas business and offline store expansion. Thisdeal was reached by 18 banks from Europe, Middle East, India, Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, which means global banks approve Xiaomi’s strategy.

As Xiaomi finished its last funding in 2014, Xiaomi has always been dedicated to its business and remains one of the most valuable tech companies in the world. Xiaomi ecosystem is alsmost covering all categories with its ecosystem companies, i.e., Innoclan. Innoclan believes Xiaomi ecosystem will thrive and prosper as time will tell.

As a global online platform for innovative products and an affiliate of PCASE invested directly by Xiaomi, Innoclan is sourcing international brands with quality products and help them join Xiaomi platform. Partnered with Foxconn, Innoclan launched program Foxtory to help small and medium companies to deliver big orders in terms of manufacturing. The listing code is 833908 in China stock market.

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