The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It
Jake Fuentes

Excellent article. I shared it twice.

If it’s a stealthy power grab attempt none of it will matter in 2020 so long as we run a berniecrat.

And even if they set up a straight dictatorship the singularity is coming regardless. Plenty of people live comfortably without democratic rule.

But that’s fringe imo. The DNC isn’t gonna be able to rig the election again. Let alone cancel it.

Trump got elected by lying to his base and the progressives throwing the game. Like like in 2016 the real election will be the dem primary. And this time we won’t tolerate a DNC theft of it because we’ll have spent 4 long years learning the price of that tolerance.

Their lesser of evils plan will backfire. We won’t risk another neolib. We’ll pick WHO EVER polls better vs Trump and that will inevitably be a berniecrat.

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