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Thank you for the compliment. Dependence doesn’t scare me because the opposite is a myth. It’s literally impossible to BE in this universe without dependence on something. The whole lattice of life is dependencies layered on top of one another.

Humans survive by altering nature, but so far our improved copy is incomplete. The economy is just an obfuscation of resource deployment. In nature the basic income came in the form of gathering. Hunting was initially equivalent to people getting a job on top of that basic income out of ambition and sheer desire for variation.

The rhetoric of “Freedom” preservation has always been a lie. It’s like fears of AI taking over, when in fact AI has already taken over in the form of text. The law is an AI, it just doesn’t use chips to actuate. It uses us. We’re the cogs people in the chinese room. The component and server equivalents.

How free are you really? How free can you even imagine being? You’ll always be dependent on something. That’s just baked into the laws of physics. You gotta make your peace with that, face it honestly, and then back policy accordingly.

You repeat a baseless lie. Scarcity is not remotely a cause for any of the problems at this scale of policy. It’s a lie told by the 1% parasites of every age as a way to conceal the effect of their parasitism and power hoarding. Austerity is deception. You need only look at the productivity and wage curves to see it, the rising ratio of ceo to base worker pay.

We’ve had the material ability to issue a UBI to humanity for decades if not a century. Just look at the war we can afford to wage. Our technology has reached a point where we can afford both war and a UBI for everyone. Trust me, anyone who says differently is manipulating you or being manipulated.

This is probably the real reason they sabotaged the widespread use of fission for electricity. Our entire economy is just energy. Extracting it from matter and deploying it for our needs and wants. Do you have any idea how much energy is in matter? How much we can extract from it? Of course you don’t because they bury that information and what it means.

They starve us and lie to us to keep themselves in power, full stop.

Besides, again, all of that, the deeper ethical argument remains. Regardless of cost it should be done and adapted to as a matter of first principles. If doing this means extinction then I very seriously say so be it. I’d rather be dead than live in a system predicated on torture. It is never wise to throw a human value under the bus in exchange for anything. Cash is to humanity in both senses of the word as oxygen is to most life. You pay that bill first and off the top because without it paid nothing else matters and we become compost.

Thanks for your time.

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