Trumpcare was Always Doomed

Trumpcare failing was only ever in doubt because crazy illogical things happen. Logically, repeal and replace should never be supported by the oligarchy government because they are owned by the 1% and Obamacare was always only ever a bailout of the insurance industry.

I predict, McConnell’s “clean repeal” will fail also barring institutional psychosis because that just brings us back to the start of Obamacare. Where upon the insurance CEOs are like “Are you high? In the Obama years we almost got the public option, that’s why neolibs and Obama had to bail us out in the first place!”

If we get a clean repeal expect #SinglePayer shortly there after.

It’s a shame activism is inherently honest. If we could decide on a goal and act as one I would suggest we pretend we’re worried about the clean repeal to encourage the right wing to embrace such a Pyrrhic victory. But we can’t play poker like that as a whole because our brain is collectively on display. You can watch our organizational thought process in real time.

It’s like trying to play poker versus a mind reader. Our only option is to play the cards we’ve been dealt perfectly. Bluffing is impossible unless a few members of the community can trick everyone else and then guide them back as a way to trick their opposition. Which is AI-level brinkmanship that (probably?) isn’t happening.

Edit: Called it.

Trump says he’ll ‘let ObamaCare fail’

“Some Republican U.S. senators are already coming out against Obamacare repeal without replacemen” ~Daily Kos

Also: 2017–07–28 0229 PM

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