5 Reasons Why I Don’t Work 50 Hours A Week!

Well, do you feel you have literally no time? Do you often find yourself cancelling plans every week? Do you feel you have almost no energy by the time you get home?

Well, welcome to the real world my friend, Welcome!

A. Ruthless World — The world is ruthless, it always has been and it always will be. However, your own life is in your own hands, it always was and it always will be.

B. Present Job Scenario — Due to the present job scenario, not only in India but the world, people are working very hard just to keep their jobs. They are putting in 10–12 hours daily just to hold on to that job.

Maybe your employer wants to work that long, but eventually, it will cost both him and you a lot more than just time. Wonder why? Well, let’s find out!

Working 60 hours a week is not only bad for your physical and mental health, it’s detrimental to your relationships, your friendship and eventually your life.

“Working longer doesn’t guarantee productivity, on the contrary, it hampers productivity. How do we conclude, well take a look at these results.”

Here, we give you 5 reasons why you should reduce your work hours!

1. Is Work All You Have?

Social interaction, leisure, friends and family are all part of a healthy lifestyle. A good work-life balance ensures productivity and well-being.

i) Friends & Family: Spending quality time with your family and friends is as important as working. No spreadsheets or documents can substitute them when you get in trouble.

Tip 1 — So, make it a habit of spending quality time with your family and friends.

ii) It’s A Never Ending Process: Work in itself a never ending process. Hence, learn to say no and live a little. Measuring your life through your work is a great fallacy which many haunts you when you get old.

Tip 2 — So, do yourself a favour and start living right now.

2. Working Long Hours is Detrimental To Your Health!

With constant stress in our work lives, our immune system can take a hit and lead to physical and mental illness.

i) Physical Risks such as Diabetes, Coronary disease and Musculoskeletal damage: Working long hours can wreck havoc on your health. It can even make you fat and depressed. Don’t you believe us? Well, take a look at this recent research article published in The Lancet.

Tip 1 — Shift to exercising and a balanced diet.

ii) Mental Risks such as Increased Cortisol Levels, Anxiety and Insomnia: So, you think you can manage long hours just because of you’re young and exude with energy. But that is fake news! Mental risks such as depression, anxiety and insomnia are closely associated with long working hours. Take a look at this research.

Tip 2 — Spend time relaxation, learning a hobby or something that’s a stress buster for you.

3. Work Has Stared Travelling In Our Pockets.

i) Smartphones aren’t that smart: With emails, texts, social networking and mobile internet, our work travels with us all the time. A single message or call puts us right back into the work mode and devoids us of necessary leisure time.

Tip 1 — Segregate your work and personal life. Log off after a certain time.

ii) Omnipresence: The constant omnipresence of work makes ur much more anxious. It actually takes away the fun of a potential holiday our an outing. Logging out can be as important as logging in while at work.

Tip 2 — Never work on a sabbatical. If it’s too important, decide just a certain period of time for it.

4. Reduced Productivity Yet Longer Hours!

i) Counter-Productive: A series of studies have shown that working long hours is actually counter-productive, hinders creativity and stall progress. So, do yourself a favour and make some life changes right now!

Tip 1 — If you’re in a creative industry, try not to overwork or overindulge, it’s counterproductive.

ii) Complete on Time: Completing your work and leaving on time doesn’t make you less of a good employee. On the contrary, it makes happier and a better manager both in your personal and professional lives.

Tip 2 — Leave on time, Period!

5. You Have The ‘No Time’ Syndrome!

Missing important things such as your child’s birth birthday or your wife’s anniversary dinner cannot be relieved, cannot be bought back.

i) You Can’t Manage Time: From Martin Luther King Jr. to APJ Abdul Kalam, everyone has the span of 24 hours in their lives. A lot of people are affected by the so-called ‘No Time’ syndrome nowadays. Well, managing time and having a good work-life balance is pretty important.

Tip 1 — Learn to manage time more effectively by breaking it into small factions.

ii) Time & Tide Waits For None: As the old proverb says ‘Time & Tide Waits For None’ which hits the nail down right hard. No matter what you say about you life and your time.

Tip 2 — Decide! regret or change!

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” — Mother Teresa