6 Myths about Coworking Offices in India. See How Innov8 Breaks The So-Called Barriers To A New Work Style.

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6 Myths You Need To Know About Coworking in India

Myths about Coworking Offices in India. See How Innov8 Breaks The So-Called Barriers To A New Work Style.

  • Never Ending Process — Working hard to succeed is a never-ending process. Work is something that will consume the majority of the time in your life. However, still, people seems to be dissatisfied with their workplace but still choose to stay because they have no other options.
  • The Indian Scenario — Workstyle has drastically changed with the emergence and establishment of big coworking companies in Europe and the US. With Innov8 coworking space in India, people have got a great alternative to the traditional boring office spaces.

Breaking The Absurd Myths About Coworking In India:

With coworking being relatively new in India. It carries a lot of myths along with it. Some of these myths are absurd and have no correlation to the coworking space anywhere in the world. Let us show you how!

Myth No. 1 — “Coworking Is Only For Startups and Entrepreneurs”:

  • Everyone Is Welcome — Students, freelancers, big corporates and regular people, every single one of them can actually make use of coworking space.
  • Flexible and Dynamic — Anyone can take advantage of the great amenities, and facilities at coworking offices like Innov8. Also, a flexible and dynamic environment makes a coworking space convenient as well.
  • Live Your Life, Create Anything From Bands To Brands — You can create new ventures, maybe a band as well. Anything can happen and coworking spaces are ready to accommodate your needs, not the other way around. Coworking can actually make your network stronger and innovate much more freely.

Myth No. 2 — “Coworking Is Distracting and Unproductive:”

  • On The Contrary, Coworking Increases Productivity — Coworking doesn’t mean partying and having fun all day. On the contrary, people tend to get more productive due to less stress and more freedom during their work.
  • Decreased Stressful Commuting — With commuting in cities getting stressful day by day, coworking can actually make you happier and a better worker than before. It saves you a lot of time and hustle jus to get to the work as coworking spaces are located in central locations. These locations are chosen for ease of access and reach well before they are constructed.
  • Peace At Coworking — At the end of the day, everyone is working in a coworking space. The general environment at a coworking office is different from the cubicle space at a traditional office. Even without walls and cabins, the environment is extremely conducive to work. One can choose open dedicated spaces to noise proof cabins according to their needs.

Myth No. 3 — “Isn’t Working From Home The Same ?:”

  • Detrimental To Your Health — Working from home can be cool as first but detrimental later to your health as one does not get enough interaction and movement when at home. Whereas, a coworking environment gets you moving, gets you energetic and keeps you social as well.
  • Home Is For Procrastination — Working at home can be unproductive as distractions such as television, home appliances and other products in the home can consume huge chunks of our time.

Myth No. 4 — “Coworking Is Expensive:”

  • Not When You Compare It To Setup Costs Of An Office — From bills to overhead expenses and then add our country;’s notorious and rampant corruption to get through. Wouldn’t you seriously not want an easier option that gives you the liberty to only focus on your work.
  • Connect, Network & Grow -Immense Exposure — Building community, having a network requires effort. Attending conferences, events and lot of other things is required in order to connect and grow professionally. However, coworking as a working environment does that for you and that too for free. Coworkers have great opportunities to connect and network right next to them, either on the next table or just beside them.

Myth No. 5 — “It’s Just A New Trend, It Will Die Soon In India!”

  • Well! That Is Fake News — Coworking is an established concept in the western world. Market Leader i.e. WeWork is valued at over 16Billions Dollars, that certainly doesn’t make it a one time charm.
  • Here To Stay — Even in India, Innov8 is an already established coworking startup and is growing day by day. It has a presence in over three major cities and plans to expand rapidly with new centres in Noida, Gurgaon and Mumbai.

Myth No. 6 — “Coworking Is Just A Table and Chair!”

  • More Than Free Wifi and Free Coffee — Complimentary services include a lot more than Free Wifi and Free Coffee. Infused vitamin water, coffee, tea, and snacks to satisfy your hunger pangs. Printing credits, conference rooms, private call rooms, lunch rooms and nap rooms are advantages of coworking spaces.
  • Additional Digital Services — Apart from useful complimentary services, additional facilities such as Concierge Services, HR Services, Legal assistance, DevOps & IT Support Services, Design (UI/UX) Services, Accounts & Tax Consultancy Services etc. are there for client’s to make use of.

These myths have now been busted. Not only is coworking makes you a better individual, it helps you be more productive and more creative as well.