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I’m not sure what the author’s intent is here. In Israel, the two state strategy is not desired. That strategy, reflecting the status quo and driven hard by John Kerry, didn’t really do anything to soften tension. History will characterize it as a poorly executed tactic to boost Obama’s legacy. Kerry’s context was, “this problem is unfixable, so we’ll put the kids in separate corners until they agree to get along.” It was horribly disengenuous.

Division will always spiral to mistrust and animosity. I would encourage the author to consider the alternative — that coexistence holds the possibility of unity.

Two-state means division. An absence of unity which is not an enduring human aspiration.

While I agree that there appears to be recklessness to the new administration, I don’t agree that it will have consequences any more than the prior 50 years’ actions.

Moving the embassy is an interesting strategy. It is radically different than anything else that has been attempted. It recognizes the stable flourishing democracy of Israel as a governance cornerstone and sets a stage for Palestine to be recognized on a level of legitimacy never before attained with its historic tribal rule.

If only they step forward in a responsible manner to hold that mantle. When the people of Palestine alter their context, that society will mature, and peace will be attained.