How Thinking like a Designer is Helping Business.

Designers have been doing it to create innovation forever, business is finally catching on. So what is it? Design Thinking of course!

Design Thinking is a customer centric problem solving methodology that starts with finding problems rather than solutions and it works. It is useful in the creation of new products and services but also in business strategy design, business analysis and business development. But with is Design Thinking?

David Kelley from IDEO describes Design Thinking as “It is a radical notion, in its way: the idea that creativity can be summoned at will, with a process not unlike the scientific method. That contradicts what most people have always thought. That to be creative, an angel of the Lord appears and tells you what to do.” Radical notion or not Design Thinking actually works.

Jeanne Liedtka from the Darden Business School who is a wonderful proponent of Design Thinking for business describes it as “a process of continuously redesigning a business to achieve both product and process innovation”.

The Design Thinking Process as described by Jeanne takes us through the following steps:

  • What is?
  • What if?
  • What Wows?
  • What Works?

With the imperative of innovation that exists in business today why don’t you give Design Thinking a go and grow your business. You’ll be surprised what problems you can find and solve.

About Julie Beckers

Julie is highly respected for her ability to create growth and step outside the traditional constraints of business structures. She is a creative change leader with hands on experience in the creation of resilience and the promotion of innovation mindsets in leaders and workplaces. With a combination of education and business experience Julie specialises in challenging the status quo and using creative design approaches to create innovation strategies. Julie is currently writing a book on disruptive business models to promote innovation.

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