“Should I tell the truth in an interview?”- a question for all Military Spouses.

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Most military spouses looking for a job will wrestle with this question. “How truthful should I be in a job interview?”

Almost 60 percent of military spouses, most of them women, believe saying they are married to someone in the military will scare off potential employers.

The fear is that an employer would not want to waste time on a temporary hire. Studies show that 40 percent of military spouses do not disclose their military connection.

Michelle Aikman, a frustrated army spouse, switched from engineering to helping military families navigate their career problems. She shares her experience below.

“At first I thought being honest and upfront was the best way to approach it. But that always ended the conversation,” she said. “As I became aware of the response, I would try to avoid disclosing that information, which would get me past a certain point … but it comes out eventually.”

What some employers are missing is that military spouses have learned through the many moves to adapt quickly and to build relationships and credibility in very diverse environments. Military spouses also tend to be resilient, which is crucial in any job.

Other employers are paying attention to the many advantages military spouses bring as employees.

Jeanne McLaine followed her husband to Naples, Italy. She found that many of the spouses, although highly educated, where unhappily employed or not employed. Professional frustration was the norm. Jeanne found a company aligned both with the value of military spouses and their lifestyle and has worked with them for a number of years.

The journey of a military spouse is not always easy. However, it also brings about valuable gifts that are rarely found in the workplace. More and more companies are tuning into this and looking at new metrics to make hiring decisions, like work culture, temperament, and team fit. (insert AP assessment)

Being fully authentic as a job seeker is the way to go, with new hiring technology replacing old approaches. Applicants Plus for Veterans uses proprietary technology to connect veterans and military spouses with employers who are eager to hire based on science, rather than the normal list of subjective metrics. That journey starts with taking an Applicants Plus Job Guidance Assessment.

There are new maps to help military spouses navigate their own journeys, and there are smart employers eager to hire them.

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