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The latest round-up of all EIG-related content.

We have been hard at work at EIG in 2017. From producing original research to working with a diverse group of partners to championing innovative policy, we are working every day to address our nation’s most pressing economic challenges.

Recently, we have shared our thoughts on President Trump’s most critical challenge, held discussions on the decline of economic dynamism with media from coast to coast, and applauded champions of the Investing in Opportunity Act. Here is a roundup of our latest hits:

Numbers to Know —

6 Ways to Understand America’s Dynamism Crisis. A visual guide to our Dynamism report on the most fundamental economic challenge facing America.

22minutes and 24 seconds of Rep. Pat Tiberi discussing the Investing in Opportunity Act on Opportunity Live’s OppCast.

30pieces of literature to read in our Quarterly Entrepreneurship Reading Guide: Winter 2017.

209counties President Trump carried in 2016 that twice voted for President Obama. Read more in “Trump’s Quiet Economic Crisis,” by EIG’s Co-Founders, John W Lettieri & Steve Glickman.

1700 businesses opened in the Charleston, SC area in 2014. Read more from Thad Moore in “Unlike most cities, Charleston has added businesses since the recession.

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