The State of Play — Technology Opportunities Across Africa

The month of September 2017 ushers in our inaugural report on the leading technology ecosystems and opportunities across the African continent. Aptly titled State of Play, the publication provides a continental, regional, and industry specific look at the evolution of technology ecosystems in Africa. By beginning with an overview of the general growth trends within the continent, the youthful population, and the bias towards innovation and entrepreneurship, the report sets the stage for a deep-dive into the component pieces of technology and innovation on the continent.

As technology and innovation assets gain considerable trade value across Africa, this report seeks to provide some context to the variety of growth catalysts that are advancing African technology and innovation ecosystems. By highlighting reasons for celebration, not just of talent, but of true lasting infrastructural changes on the continent, and opportunities for governments and stakeholders to fine-tune strategies to help foster further growth, readers will walk away with a 360 view of the current opportunities on the continent, and some of the most active innovation hubs.

The report is published with the support of the Office of Global Partnerships at the U.S. Department of State under the LIONS@frica initiative. With the help of twelve (12) creative contributors, the State of Play publication also presents diverse individual perspectives on five(5)pillars of ecosystem development on the continent, as seen through the lens of our esteemed contributors.

Over the course of the next 14 days, sections of the report will be serialized across multiple publishing platforms by the African Technology Foundation(ATF), and a portion of our findings will be delivered to a global audience as part of a presentation at the MWC Americas in San Francisco, California.

The full report will be published on September 13th , 2017 across digital and print formats. ATF will present our summary findings to a curated audience at the Africa Convening event in San Francisco, California.

Contact us at to be notified of ecosystem engagement activities and technology salons that will follow the release of the publication, or to receive a free copy of the State of Play report.

To bridge knowledge gaps and support the internationalization of African technologies

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