What does it mean to be 100% you? With no BS.

Would you be living the same life you are living today? What would you do more and what would you stop doing?

These are big questions. It’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed and scared.

In fact, these are some of the very questions many creatives have asked themselves over and over again. Many struggled, were frustrated, had nightmares, and even were on the verge of giving up when they felt like society and others did not permit them to be the full version of who they wanted to be.

Beethoven got scared when he realized he was going deaf. It seemed impossible to create music when a musician can’t hear anything. LEGO company almost filed bankruptcy. Keith Jarrett didn’t want to perform at Koln when he learned that the piano was out of tune and broken. Ed Catmull from Pixar got push back from literally everyone for his idea that beautiful and powerful animation can be made digitally. Many were confused why someone well known as Dr. Paul Farmer would want to go all the way to Haiti to risk his life and spend his time, working on a disease that no other doctors could cure.

What all of these individuals have in common is that they:

  • Stopped worrying about what others thought;
  • Started pouring their heart, soul, and energy in perfecting their crafts; and
  • Did not give up.

As a result, they created a lasting impact and something so powerful that if you have seen, heard, or experienced them, your heart would be moved. It’s because we can feel the depth of the complex love and dedication that was poured into that creation.

When there is more sincerity poured into creative work, the better the result.

And this is something I think deeply about as I realize how little time is spent on creating something that we truly care deeply about.

This week ask yourself: “What would your 100% self want to create in order to move mountains?”

Because when you follow your full passion, you can create something that can move mountains beyond mountains.

Monica Kang
Founder & CEO, InnovatorsBox

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