When was the last time you unplugged completely?

Yes, unplugging as in resting, digital unplugging, and recharging.

Do you remember the last time you disconnected from the internet and fully let your head and eyes rest in your surroundings? When was the last time you felt fully rested? When was the last time you gazed up into the sky and just said ‘hello world! I’m alive’!

Wait, did you forget to take a summer vacation again this year?

If you are feeling a bit guilty, you aren’t the only one.

(Confession: I’m right there as well.)

It’s the last week of August and what I’m reminding myself is how often we forget to take care of ourselves. Americans are known to work overtime and forget to take the vacations they earned which create highly stressed employees, managers, and executives. Stressed people become unhappy, and unhappy people deliver poor results. :(

The truth is you don’t need to travel far to rest and unplug. There are many ways to rest and be happy. It starts with practicing these 3 steps. The more you practice them, the more rested you will feel.

  • Dedicate time to unplug and do something intentionally different.Whether that is taking a longer walk or doing a 90-day sketch challenge, allocating specific time will permit yourself to unplug more easily as you have scheduled it. I recommend at least 10–40 minutes a day.
  • When unplugging be fully present. Even if it’s 10 minutes you will feel more rested when you fully let your body and mind focus on unplugging and being present. If you are walking observe all your surroundings and its details and fully appreciate the present moment.
  • Start with small milestones and celebrate it. Don’t worry about reaching the mountain top just yet. Focus on how it feels like to walk in the woods for few minutes every day and imagine.

Self-caring and recharging are critical to creative thinking because if we let our creative engine run without stopping or resting, we will always be tired and not be able to perform our best.

So today, I have an ask:

Please take some time to unplug, recharge, play, and dream this week. :)

Unplug with this background music

To help you start, I attach this relaxing nature background music to start your day. You can play this in the background all day while you work. When you feel that tingly stress coming to you, take a moment to stop and close your eyes. Imagine what it would be like to be out there in nature. You’ll feel a bit better when you open your eyes again. I promise.

Have a wonderful week!

Here are this week’s resources to help you become the innovator you want to be.

Monica Kang

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