Want to have a beer with one of the leading technologists in Spain?


If you will be in Madrid next June 29th, don´t miss out on the chance to meet Jorge Bueno, one of the most brilliant young innovators in Spain to be recognized by MIT Technology Review last year, and the founder of Proximus, a company that creates systems that track consumers throughout large commercial spaces with a high level of precision.

Jorge is an industrial engineer, a telecommunications technical engineer, who holds a master´s degree in robotics and a doctorate in electrical, electronic and automatic engineering from the University Carlos III of Madrid. With Proximus, Jorge help companies to analyze the effect of placing products and special promotions in specific locations throughout their stores, and allow vendors to organize their marketing campaigns more effectively.


Join us in meeting Jorge in person to learn more about his professional development. You will have the opportunity to expand your network of contacts, ask questions and share helpful ideas and experiences in an informal setting and in a small group.


June 29th at 7:00 PM


​At the Carlos III University of Madrid — Puerta de Toledo Campus (Ronda de Toledo, 1), Room 1.B.03.

How can I sign up?

Right here!

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