Today they announced there will be no flights until September. In May completely shut, in June only a few countries among which Italy doesn’t figure. Now my Technology Observatory in Tel Aviv really is the champion of innovation between Italy and Israel, since no one can come. We will probably resume going out in late April.

Expressing what I feel is hard.

I can read the opportunities, and we have many of them: big Italian firms are contacting me and what I wanted to do will be done.

But my heart feels great nostalgia.

I found a text that I had written in 1992, a letter to my father who passed away 3 years earlier. In the text I delved into my happiness in living in Israel, how much I had changed and how devoted I was to work, to devising and to materialism.

Those days I would put aside my most profound side, which from an early age led me towards philosophy.

But I realized I had to do it if I wanted to settle down and start a family (I then got married in 1995).

In that epistle I continue telling how quickly men would bore me and how huge my desire was to find a man to live with, both in each other’s mind in a true fusion between spirit and body.

There what this historical moment teaches us: to really learn to live one in each other’s thoughts, being capable of loving through a sheer and deep love, where the word brings us closer and connects us.

And to be capable of recognizing the highest spirits, intellects and deep minds to share and build a new future with.

A concrete, spiritual and innovative future.

And even more the bond between Italy and Israel strenghtens because one will need the other.

How do I feel about the news there is no chance to return to Italy until September?

A sense of emptiness. My half torn from my body, because I truly am Italy and Israel, Roberta and Rebecca (my Hebrew name).

And I will never be as far away from Italy again as I am now, despite my wandering around the globe.

I can only hope for a miracle to change today’s news. But the moment of this emotion in me won’t ever be erased and I’ll be able to appreciate my two worlds even more, and more, and more.

Author of Innovazione e Anima ( Innovation & Soul ). Founder and CEO of Inlight and AdlerInlight Tel Aviv-based Technology Observatory, Innovation & Industry