A Good Body Shop Experience?

We’ve all had a bad service experience or two in our day, but sometimes it works our very well. Recently I had a vehicle which had some minor body damage and I needed to get an estimate for repairs. I went to a local body shop, pulled into the estimate area and told them I would like to get an estimate. An estimator came out immediately and took a look at the damage. There was a question about whether the damaged area should be repaired or replaced, so the estimator went into the shop and asked a body shop technician to make sure the repair could be done properly. When that was confirmed he went to prepare the estimate. A few minutes later he came back with two estimates. One estimate was for the repair approach and the other was for the replace approach. Surprisingly it cost less to replace rather than repair because there was a lot less labor associated with the replacement approach. And the replace approach would take 2 days to complete, whereas the repair method would take 4 days.

My estimator did a lot of things right in the short scenario. First he handled my request quickly. The whole process took about 10 minutes, and I was expecting it to take about 30 minutes. Second he focused on what was best for me. The repair approach was clearly more advantageous for the body shop because all of the money was labor related. In the replace approach, most of the money goes to the part provider, and the body shop receives much less. My estimator could have easily let me believe the repair approach that was the best way to go, and I would not have suspected anything.

In customer service speed is always important and when you place the customer’s interests ahead of your own, that always gets noticed.

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