My summer fling.

We started off so well, she stayed up all night just to talk to me, even when she had to wake up early to prepare her child for school.

I could see her snow white teeth light up her face whenever she smiled on facetime with her lights turned off, man, it was beautiful just watching her.

I remember when she’d introduce me to her friends as her husband. ❤

And the first time she cried, how she wished I was with her in person. I was hurt watching her shed tears 😔. I never wanted her to ever cry.

She drove while we stayed on facetime, we just didn’t wanna go a minute without each other. She seemed so happy.

But one day, I don’t know what happened, she suddenly changed, became distant from me. And the next thing I know, it was over.

Man, she was my everything in a very short time. I still miss her.