Jasmine playing chess with the camera

We Are Upstate NY With Teen Model And Woodstock Local Jasmine Barker

Jasmine dressed up in a red strapless gown, sitting in a chair psoing for a photo
Jasmine with her mom, dad and brother at an awards ceremony posing for a cleebrity shot
Jasmine snuggled up with her dad
Jasmine loosely huggin her mom while she fixes Jasmine’s hair for a photo shot
Jasmine in a yellow dress — three pose medley
Jasmine as a natural young lady with no makeup on, looking off to the left
Jasmine and her borther in matching pink and light blue sweatshirts on a basketball court with their hoods up with moody looks on their faces
Two professional photos: Jasmine in black one-piece flipping her hair back and looking up and a closeup of Jasmine with smoky eye makeup and red lipstick and curls in her hair
Jasmine with her family taking a selfie on a farm
Jasmine in a hat smiling at the camera



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