Launches “Inside Podcasting” — the Podcast

Aug 8 · 2 min read

This week released the trailer for a new podcast called Inside Podcasting. The show, which will drop its first episode on Wednesday, August 14th, 2019, will be hosted by Inside Podcasting newsletter writer Skye Pillsbury. We thought it would be fun to post a transcript of the trailer here, to give potential listeners a sense of what’s to come during Inside Podcasting’s inaugural season. If this piques your interest, head over to wherever you listen to podcasts and subscribe (if you have trouble finding it on your platform, please let Skye know on Twitter @SkyePillsbury or email Ok, roll the tape!

Hey guys! Welcome to the trailer for Inside Podcasting. I’m your host, Skye Pillsbury, and over the course of this season, I’ll interview six podcast hosts about their craft. We’ll also include a few mini-episodes througout the series, where’s managing editor Kim Lyons talks to me about what it was like to make this show. We’ll discuss how I survived going from never-having -podcasted before to I guess becoming a podcaster — although saying that still feels really weird. And we’ll share some behind-the-scenes stories around the making of each episode.

This season I speak to Ian Chillag, the creator of Everything is Alive; Jessi Hempel, who hosts Linked In’s podcast Hello Monday, Martine Powers, who hosts Post Reports from the Washington Post; Leon Neyfakh, the former co-creator of Slow Burn, who is now the host of Fiasco; Madeleine Baran, the investigative reporter behind In the Dark; and Jason Calacanis, who hosts This Week in Startups and a podcast called Angel — and also happens to be my boss.

The first episode arrives on Wednesday, August 14th and you can subscribe right now, wherever you get your podcasts.

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