A short list of awesome newsletters, with something for everyone

By the team at Inside

For your inner photographer:

Exposure Weekly Selects delivers beautiful, fascinating photo essays on a weekly basis.

If you’re a wannabe DC insider:

Politico Playbook has been around for many years. Mike Allen knows everyone in Washington and reads hundreds of news sources to put together this daily rundown on politics. They say that everyone in the White House wakes up to Politico Playbook.

For a little bit of everything:

The Inside Daily Brief is packed with all the trends, news, and other links you need to be smart, informed, and ahead of the curve. Here’s what one reader said: “Perhaps the smartest and most thorough human-curated daily news digest.”

(disclosure: this is our newsletter 😀)

If you want to sound smart about sports:

Casual Spectator offers updates on the sports world without digging into the nitty gritty. Not great for Sportscenter addicts, but great for people who’s friends are Sportscenter addicts.

For the microbrew aficionado in all of us:

Good Beer Hunting is a newsletter featuring all the best beer.

For anyone who wants to be a little more intense:

SealFit offers super intense life tips from a super intense Navy Seal.

If you need to step up your social media game:

Buffer’s daily newsletter stands out among hundreds of social media newsletters. Their insights are actionable and free of BS.

Just some interesting stuff:

Austin Kleon’s newsletter is just great. In his words: “Every week I send out new art, writing, and interesting links. It’s free. No spam. Unsubscribe whenever you want.”

If you live in startupland:

Mattermark Daily has become the de facto place for all the news about funding, startups, VCs, and Silicon Valley.

If you hate ugly stock photos:

Unsplash sends 10 hi-res photos delivered to your inbox every 10 days. They are completely free and you can use them as you like.

The media junkie’s fix:

MediaREDEF: a curated interest mix of media+tech+pop content via free daily newsletter.

For anyone who dreams of working at the NYT

NY Times: What We’re Reading: Get recommendations from New York Times reporters and editors, highlighting great stories from around the web. Twice per week.

Science and the future, explained:

Wait but why offers super smart, highly entertaining long reads about various topics from artificial intelligence to Tesla to cryonics to procastination.

If you want an inside look at the music industry

Lefsetz Letter: Bob Lefsetz addresses the issues that are at the core of the music business: downloading, copy protection, pricing and the music itself. He often has a funny, insightful, and edgy take on what’s happening in music.

For the sommelier:

Garagiste is a wine store that only sells wine via email newsletter. It’s weird and awesome.

For the curious:

Now I Know is Dan Lewis’s daily email with one really interesting fact per day.

If you’re an early adopter:

Product Hunt sends out a summary of the best new products, every day.

If you like GIFs and other awesome things:

Ann Friedman Weekly is “full of great things to read (some but not all of which were written by me) and GIFs and the occasional product endorsement. It arrives in your inbox on Fridays, just when you’ve run out of internet for the week.”

For the perpetual skeptic:

This Is True: Each week, they find some too-bizarre-to-be-true story and share it with the proof that it is, in fact, true.

If you’re a digital nomad:

Remotive is a weekly newsletter on Remote Tips & Jobs sent to 7,000+ Remote Workers

If Anthony Bourdain ain’t got sh*t on you:

NoshOn.It delivers the best recipes and cooking tips to your inbox. (bonus food newsletter: Tasting Table)

For anyone who wants to see corruption and scandal uncovered:

Muckreads Weekly is A digest of investigative journalism, curated by ProPublica.

If you went to your baseball team’s home-opener this year:

The SlurveWe send the best baseball writing, all the essential news for each team, and a few original insights directly to your inbox each day during the season and frequently in the offseason.

If you like tech and health and other fun things:

Kevin Rose’s The Journal is a monthly newsletter with lots of great things to read/try/see.

For the thinkers:

Brain Pickings: “The week’s most unmissable articles across creativity, psychology, art, science, design, philosophy, and other facets of our search for meaning.”

Now it’s your turn. What’s your favorite newsletter? Respond and we’ll ❤ it.

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