The Art of Crowdfunding — To Launch or Not To Launch

I was about to launch my Kickstarter campaign early November but things got delayed. As we got into the second week of November I Googled, “Best time to launch…” and the search suggested Kickstarter, you got to love Google right?

Anyway, I came across with many great articles written on this matter. The best one and the one that convinced me to held on my campaign his this from ComicStarter .

Basically their research showed that even though November still a good time, the pledges slowly declines as we closer to the holidays as you can see below.

If you have a product that can be deliver in December as a present I think is a great way to do it.

As an impatient entrepreneur, this was tough to swallow. I wanted to launch my campaign to get the much needed capital but the numbers convinced me to pull back and give it a few more months.

If you are in the same boat, whether launching a crowdfunding campaign or building a business and looking for ways to grow, there is always something you can do to grow your customer and be prepared for hopefully bigger success. Things happen for a reason, you just need to see what they are.

Some things that I am doing is to continue to grow my crowd with a Landing Page, and updates on my social channels.


A landing page is a great way to tell your potential backers about your product and get them excited about your special offers.

There are lot of resources to help you collect emails. I found this article posted by sumome. I am implementing some these principles and hope to see more success.

I am learning the art of crowdfunding and there is a lot more I need to know. If you have anything you can share with others go ahead and leave a comment.

I would love some feedback on my landing page too and any other ideas I can do between now and January 2016, before my launch.