How Practising Compassion can make you Happier.

Before being compassionate to others, you must first be compassionate to yourself.

You know the expression — “treat others how you want to be treated,” I say “treat yourself… how you want others to be treated.”

Ok, let me explain. Imagine if you treated your good friends how you treat yourself.

Instead of “I’m not sure I’m good enough,” you’re telling your friends “I’m not sure if you’re good enough, thin enough, talented enough” etc. etc.

Most of us would never dream of talking to a friend like that, would we? So why is it ok to speak like that to ourselves?

A lot of it comes down to our mindset, our feeling of self-worth and years of nonsensical conditioning.

But what I will tell you, is that once you recognise this in yourself, it’s the first step to being your own best cheerleader.

Not the annoying one that jumps up and down and shimmies her pom poms in your face but the one that says;

“Hey, Eva, you know that’s crap what’s in your head right now, don’t you?”

These emotions that we label ‘negative’ can be swinging and tugging at your house of cards.

Your foundations aren’t strong enough… yet, so you need a strategy.

It may seem strange but you can show compassion for your fear or doubt. I mean, this is the only job they have. It’s not their fault.

Sometimes, they can get bored, they hardly ever get invited to parties. ‘Fun’ and ‘excitement’ are always first on the guest list.

So they might crop up at inconvenient times but otherwise they’ll only rear their ugly heads in life-threatening or challenging situations.

AND, be grateful for them too, they actually did save your life more than once. Gratitude and fear could even be introduced although they seem an unlikely match.

Imagine then, having empathy for your fear. Do you think that’s possible? Could you try? … Do you have anything to lose?

If you think of ‘fear’ being in the corner at the cool party, with ‘doubt’ and ‘anxiety’ as wingmen, could you be kinder towards them? Thus, kinder to yourself?

Whilst acknowledging fear, your best self knows to dance and play with ‘courage’ and ‘action’.

The fact is, all of these emotions make up the beautiful being that you are.

You can’t pick and choose these emotions, they’re in your make up, but you can decide how you deal with them and react to them.

The only power that any emotion has is in the energy you give to it. That’s it’s food, it’s life-line. And it can be needy.

But your destiny is manifested by how you cultivate each and every feeling in your mind and in your heart.

So practise compassion for yourself, for others and even for fear. Your happiness depends on it.

I believe in you,