Meet the Mikruts — former postgraduate interns turned newlyweds

For almost a year, Kayci and Matt Mikrut have shared a last name. The couple met playing on the NCAA’s intramural flag football team and married Oct. 21, 2017.

But even before meeting, Kayci and Matt had the shared experience of being NCAA postgraduate interns. Kayci served as the public and media relations intern in the 2012–13 cohort while Matt came to the national office a year later as an intern working for the office of the Committees on Infractions.

Since the completion of their internships, the two have worked in full-time roles at the national office for more than five years. Kayci was promoted earlier this year to associate director of digital communications, managing the NCAA’s overall social media strategy, monitoring NCAA-related news and contributing to Champion magazine. Matt is an associate director for the office of the Committees on Infractions and supports all three divisional committees on infractions in processing infractions cases, strategic planning and membership outreach.

Both say that the advancement of their careers has been aided by their experience in the Postgraduate Internship Program.

“My internship allowed me to gain an understanding of the culture and workflow within the communications group,” Kayci said. “Understanding the broader communications goals was incredibly valuable and made for a smoother transition into my work with the digital communications team.”

Said Matt: “The most beneficial part of the internship was it provided me with the opportunity to begin forming my professional reputation with the Committee on Infractions members, the OCOI team and colleagues at the NCAA. These positive relationships became instrumental in my work when I became a full-time staff member.”

Outside of their own relationship, which developed during flag football intramurals, Kayci and Matt also treasure the connections the internship brought them with people inside and out of the national office.

To Matt, the bond he formed with his cohort was immeasurable. Also, the ability to build genuine professional and personal relationships with NCAA staff members and leaders from the membership was a special opportunity.

With help from her supervisor, Kayci reached out to as many people as she could to learn more about career paths and progressions. She met one-on-one with a number of individuals in various departments not only at the NCAA, but also at different companies in Indianapolis.

When they celebrate their first wedding anniversary in October, the Mikruts can thank the NCAA, beginning with the Postgraduate Internship Program, for bringing them together as well as setting up their careers for success.

“It is single-handedly the most rewarding experience an aspiring professional can have in college athletics,” Matt said about the internship program.

“This internship changed my life and set the foundation of my career,” Kayci said. “I learned so much about the inner workings of the national office and college athletics as a whole through my internship experience.”

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