One of the primary ways customers interact with and form opinions about your brand is through price.

The most misunderstood aspect of price is that higher prices reduce demand. This is the pricing model that’s taught in Econ 101. However, this is wrong.

Well, mostly wrong.

The model may be accurate for commodities and products with near-perfect substitutes, but this is not true for differentiated brands. Well-defined brands can charge a premium, and customers will be happy to pay. This is especially true for luxury or experience products.

How do you position your brand in a way that allows you to charge more? Read more in the full article.



Quality > Quantity; but quality can only be developed after quantity has been achieved.

Trying to appeal to everyone ends one of two ways: you appeal to no one or you’re average.

If you’re comfortable sharing your writing, you probably lack self-awareness.

If you don’t share your writing, you will never grow.

Writer's block is made up.

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

Fix it in the edit.

Clarity should always be a primary goal.



Every sentence should add value.

It’s either concise or confusing.

Content should be repurposed. Long-form becomes short form becomes a tweet.

Reference your long-forms for readers who want more.

You don’t know enough, but don’t let that stop you.

Write quick, edit slow.

Don’t write what others want. Write what you want.