3 lessons we learned that made us pivot

It has been a while since we last updated on our progress. Many things have changed since then. Today, we’d like to share 3 of the many lessons we learned along the journey so far that made us decide to pivot.

Lesson #1: Everything takes time

We have decided to redirect our efforts on the residential real estate industry in Canada as opposed to our initial focus on location analysis for retailers. The entire team is composed of big dreamers yearning to make an impact on this world. The reality is that we all have families to feed and at the end of the day, they are what’s most important to us.

Customer development takes time. Problem extraction takes time. Currently, we’re all working full-time while trying to grow Insightico. Unfortunately, our potential customers usually don’t respond outside of working hours. We tried to use our lunch breaks but at the end of the day, we just didn’t have the time to do it. We strongly discourage anyone from working on your business during normal working hours. Not only is it disrespectful but it’s could potentially turn into a legal nightmare.

Our brainstorm session led us to interview real estate agents and what we found was that they were open to chatting and even willing to connect during weekends. This fitted our schedule well.

Lesson #2: Communication is key

For each of us to have full-time jobs in different locations, it was a challenge to communicate our ideas and get together with our already jam-packed schedule. The honest truth is that the founding team has changed since we started. The less we met, the less we communicated and thus, the ice couldn’t be broken. We didn’t communicate enough and when we did, we were too polite up to the point where a disagreement in strategy suddenly left us down a man. We needed to communicate more often and knock down those barriers so that we can be fully transparent with one another. Only then can issues be tackled and sudden drastic actions be avoided.

Lesson #3: Find a way to relax

With such a heavy workload on all sides, it was taxing on all of us. Personally, I wasn’t in fantastic shape and it was one of the most emotionally challenging moments of my life. Still, it was a great learning experience and after some encouragement, I redetermined myself. I found my way to relax through Buddhism but I would encourage you to find your own way. Ever since I started to wake up earlier in the day and chanted, I felt much more energized and things moved a lot easier because my mind wasn’t as cluttered any longer.